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the family and GrandTour Collection



GrandTour Collection originates from the generational experience of the Borrazzi family, craftsmen and antique dealers of Rome, who have always been surrounded by beauty, in terms of art, antiquity, history and cultural traditions, in the magical backdrop that is Rome.

The goldsmith and watch repair workshop was founded in 1947, and  laid the basis for a flourishing tradition in artisanal handicraft. The following generation transformed the workshop into an antique shop, where the study of antiquity and art was pursued as a fundamental part of their philosophy.

The third generation of the Borrazzi family, Michela and Roberto, combined the handicraft traditions of their grandparents with the experience of their parents. Indeed, their gallery in via dei Coronari dealt exclusively with rare objects personally selected from different part of the world; their focus then shifted into the creation of a new collection of jewels, GrandTour.

During the years spent working in an environment rich of ancient objects, amid galleries, antique dealers and magnificent art collections, the antique shop of Roberto and Michela has seen a wide variety of techniques, colours, shapes, ideas, precious objects, different styles, cameos of every type and several engraving collections. In the past, especially during the classical period, these collections were considered  a sort of inventory of works of art, which have deeply the GrandTour Collection.

GrandTour Collection, contemporary jewels with an ancient soul.


The art of creating jewelry in Rome

GrandTour Collection is an unconventional jewelry store in Rome that thanks to its particular philosophy has become over the years a reference point for both classical art lovers for fashion lovers and the latest trends.

Driven by love for the beauty of Italian art and culture, GrandTour Collection has created jewelry in Rome from modern and innovative design, wearers of classical and ancient soul. Our choice of style was that of wanting to embed the ancient art into a precious and modern object as a jewel, to create new beauty and artistic creativity, and making sure that classical culture and art values ​​could also live through customs and everyday gestures such as wearing a ring or a necklace.

We chose to create jewelry in Rome to its importance as a city in the development and enjoyment of art and culture in Italy: the philosophy of the Grand Tour to which we refer is the one of the cultural trip, the thirst for knowledge and sharing of knowledge that in our jewels is given from the representations of scenes and characters of classical art.

Creating jewelry in Rome, for us, it means just being at the center of this artistic stream which, over the years, has made Italy the symbol of excellence in Europe: our shop welcomes all those who, passing through or not, want to be part of this aesthetic and cultural enjoyment wearing colourful and trendy jewelry.