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Roma antica


GrandTour Collection originates from the same passion for art that, during the 18th century, compelled people from all over the world to set out on a long journey in order to visit the beauty of Italy. The so-called GrandTour marked a thriving period with great artistic and cultural activity; those who took that journey brought an indelible memory back home, as well as the desire to go back to Italy.

Each single piece of jewellery that we create is a tour through the beauty, the works of art that we have preserved through the centuries, the history that represents us, and the Italian style, recognizable all over the world: a symbol of elegance and quality, which makes us unique in terms of design and quality of craftsmanship. Ancient art is set in a precious object with contemporary shapes: an original way to show the unchanged beauty from a modern and lively perspective.



The 18th Century is a historical period full of discoveries and new knowledge, permeated by a widespread spirit of curiosity and admiration towards the past. During this century Italy, and Rome in particular, experienced a unique period and became a model of reference at international level. Several curious and passionate scholars, craftsmen and young people came to Italy from all over the continent to discover the vestiges of the classical antiquity, culture, politics, and traditions and to learn Italian art. This cultural journey was called “GrandTour”: it led to a climate of change and interconnection, which inspired generations of artists and encouraged the establishment of several art schools and academies.

As a souvenir of this deep experience, travellers not purchased objects and works of art created by Italian and foreign artists, but they often also worked together with traditional workshops. By combining this hands on experience with the study of the most renowned works of the time, they themselves were able to give life to new neoclassical masterpieces and incredible varieties of newly developed art pieces evolved.Every visitor yearned to purchase at least one of these objects to remind them of this very emotional journey. Our collection of jewels takes its name from this journey, the GrandTour, and draws inspiration from neoclassical works.

The aim of the GrandTour Collection is to focus on this experience from the past and renew it so that we can achieve the same feeling of astonishment and amazement by adding with a modern twist.



GrandTour products are completely handcrafted. Ancient traditional techniques and experience in the creation of hand made jewels passed on through the years have had a fundamental role in the realization of our collection. Handcrafted objects have an unquestionable importance at both aesthetic and cultural level which since the Renaissance in Italy, have contributed to the development of a tradition of workshops of a very high international standard. 
This wealth of experience, unique and without rival, has established the “made in Italy” brand as something appreciated worldwide.



Using colors as well as new modern materials like plexiglass, exclusive resin mixtures and noble ancient materials like bronze, GrandTour Collection aims at giving new strength to this incredible artistic heritage.
New materials are constantly being developed and are evolving allowing the GrandTour Collection  to reach new and unexpected design solutions.This is an entirely handmade object,produced in the traditional way. Any imperfection is no defect, but part of the uniqueness of the object itself. All the products are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and warranty. They can be entirely replaced in case of damage, among the two years after purchase. The GrandTour Collection is designed and produced by Roberto and Michela Borrazzi.



Each one of our creations is protected by a guarantee certificate and has been disigned so that every element can be replaced. 

The production is 100% made in Italy.



The art of creating jewelry in Rome

GrandTour Collection is an unconventional jewelry store in Rome that thanks to its particular philosophy has become over the years a reference point for both classical art lovers for fashion lovers and the latest trends.

Driven by love for the beauty of Italian art and culture, GrandTour Collection has created jewelry in Rome from modern and innovative design, wearers of classical and ancient soul. Our choice of style was that of wanting to embed the ancient art into a precious and modern object as a jewel, to create new beauty and artistic creativity, and making sure that classical culture and art values ​​could also live through customs and everyday gestures such as wearing a ring or a necklace.

We chose to create jewelry in Rome to its importance as a city in the development and enjoyment of art and culture in Italy: the philosophy of the Grand Tour to which we refer is the one of the cultural trip, the thirst for knowledge and sharing of knowledge that in our jewels is given from the representations of scenes and characters of classical art.

Creating jewelry in Rome, for us, it means just being at the center of this artistic stream which, over the years, has made Italy the symbol of excellence in Europe: our shop welcomes all those who, passing through or not, want to be part of this aesthetic and cultural enjoyment wearing colourful and trendy jewelry.