ring venus

Ring of the classic line, the color is beige. 
Materials: Plexiglass, bronze, resin and mixed media. 
The bezels are made of bronze using the ancient technique of lost wax casting.
It weighs just 8gr, comfortable and durable. 
Finishing: Plating gold 18 Kt., Silver or gun.
Subject: Venus - from an ancient carving.
The image is one example of the product.Each jewel is handmade and may present different shades of color and each monitor has a different resolution. 
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The Roman goddess of love and beauty,Venus is the daughter of Jupiter, and some of her lovers include Mars and Vulcan, modeled on the affairs of Aphrodite. Roman statues and portraits of Venus are usually identical to the Greek representations of Aphrodite.

Venus, goddess of beauty and grace, one of the myths concerning his born from the foam of the sea, so it is the protector of sailors and navigators. Nymph of the sea and protector of sailors, was living in the seabed when the sea was calm reemerged and played with sea animals. The goddess of beauty, of 'love and marital bonds.

According to Homer was born of Zeus and Dione, according to others by Uranus and Gaea, Instead according to Hesiod was born from the foam of the sea, and a shell, pushed by Zephyr, brought on dell 'beach island of Cyprus, where he was received by the Hours and taken to Olympus. All the gods were amazed of superb beauty of Aphrodite, Athena and Artemis and even they suffered the charm. Zeus granted in marriage to Hephaestus to reward him by giving him the lightning in the war against the Giants. Companions of Aphrodite were the Graces, the rice, the Loves, the Giuochi, and the whole retinue she needed to win the hearts of gods and men.

Had a widespread cult, and was also honored as the patron of navigation: the cities that most worshiped were Cyprus, Cythera, Corinth and Argos. Among the plants were sacred myrtle, the pink apple and poppy; among animals sparrow, the dove, the hare, the goat, the swan, turtle, dolphin. He had many nicknames, including the best known are: Areia (warrior), Cyprian, Powder, Citerea, Pontia (marina), Anadiomene (born from the foam of the sea), Euploia (good navigation), Acidalia, Ericina, Anzeia ( flowery), pandemic (around ilpopolo), Idalia, Pafia, Amatusia and Urania.

The Romans identified with Venus.

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