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Augustus was the first Roman emperor who promoted peace and unity.
The Ara Pacia is a symbol of Augustan peace and a monument of great prestige.
It now offers visitors the possibility of purchasing items from the GTC as part of its bimillenary celebrations.
Our collection joins with others providing evocative images not only of a cherished past but also of our own
even more precious modern world.

Ara Pacis

L'Arte del comando l'eredità di Augusto
in mostra dal 25/04 - 07/09/2014

Sito web http://www.arapacis.it/mostre_ed_eventi/mostre/l_arte_del_comando_l_eredita_di_augusto 



The art of creating jewelry in Rome

GrandTour Collection is an unconventional jewelry store in Rome that thanks to its particular philosophy has become over the years a reference point for both classical art lovers for fashion lovers and the latest trends.

Driven by love for the beauty of Italian art and culture, GrandTour Collection has created jewelry in Rome from modern and innovative design, wearers of classical and ancient soul. Our choice of style was that of wanting to embed the ancient art into a precious and modern object as a jewel, to create new beauty and artistic creativity, and making sure that classical culture and art values ​​could also live through customs and everyday gestures such as wearing a ring or a necklace.

We chose to create jewelry in Rome to its importance as a city in the development and enjoyment of art and culture in Italy: the philosophy of the Grand Tour to which we refer is the one of the cultural trip, the thirst for knowledge and sharing of knowledge that in our jewels is given from the representations of scenes and characters of classical art.

Creating jewelry in Rome, for us, it means just being at the center of this artistic stream which, over the years, has made Italy the symbol of excellence in Europe: our shop welcomes all those who, passing through or not, want to be part of this aesthetic and cultural enjoyment wearing colourful and trendy jewelry.